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'Emotional Circumconscient' [novel] [wip] - 7

Partie 2

"Social Anxiety"

Chapitre 12

 Blue Girl is crying. Yoshi feels profound empathy for her, so approaches to smoosh her and hold her tight in comfort. But at night, Yoshi feels pain. Yoshi bays at the red moon in the dark night depths, spitting red flames of anger and hate.

the next day...

'this sweet sound getting to my ears is the music of my lifetime.
once i go deaf, doesn't mean death. there are songs for the deaf.
get out of the matrix, go back... or don't..........'

'every song has an end. please don't download
illegally. you can buy it on itunes, beatport,
spotify, your ass, your mom's ass, fuck you.'

 Yoshi brings Blue Girl to SIM CITY. To cheer her up, he takes her to Dissuko '48 Fest!, an evening music event popular in town. On the way to the place, Blue Girl is challenged in a Pokémon fight by random npc Zalinera the Thief.
 Upon arriving, japanese selectah MISOBEATS is playing trance house music in the indie tent. Further outside, DJ Toplu gets booed by the audience when dropping premiere of his latest single "I Ain't Aphex Bro (featuring PAC-MAN)", of course to disappointment when he expected a sincere yet positive reaction to it.
 A bit later, headliners Los Marijuaneros enter the main stage. The crowd cannot wait and hops up and down to the preview track's beat in expectation of a great show. Los Marijuaneros is a multi-ethnic all-girls five piece band that create and play a blend of music like you'd never imagined before.

in the meantime...

-"fuck! i hate this! hate my life!
-why do i even exist! mario brothers... the fuck i'd care!!"

 Farther away is Waluigi sitting on a bench, going in and around in a park, mumbling rage and despication towards his fragile ego. While protesting at his thoughts, Waluigi is surprised by a crazy-looking green dog 'wawa!-ing at him, and in a fuse blow unexpectedly assaults the puppy shooting it down with an AK-47. And then peaks upon realisation of the act. [fig.1=pathetic.]
 But doggy ain't dead.

-"....kk...herr...her herr!!
-you think you killed me?
-with your weak ass gun?
-you can't even fire balls, stupid moron!"

 Waluigi's malefic instincts awaken.

-"shit dog... you stepped in dog shit!" *sllrrp!!*
-doggystyle! doggy!!"

 Waluigi's gone nuts. Surrounded by a halo of green light, descending as a beam down doggy, the reborn slave pet addresses his bully:

-"you're such a loser, waluigi. not because i say so.
-but because i say so." 

 And saying so, something indescribable happens to Waluigi, who feels shattered and torn by an unbearable pressure, completely trapped in a void dimension, kept at the verge of an eternal sufferance. Himself can't tell if he understands what sort of spell he's fell under, but drowned in despair, Waluigi barks from the limbs of hell:

-w...WAIT! N... no... i'm... I'M EXPENDABLE! PLEASE DON't... just FORGET ME!" 

Falling in an endless pit Waluigi opens his mouth, and sticking his tongue out, an upside-down L engraves itself on it, causing the worst pain. That's when he hears the last bit of voice that will drive him mad for abstract eternity:

i'm gonna trap you  in these lines...
and you are going to stay here.
you won't even see the end of this novel! ha!
that's for thinking you can do whatever... freely killing me just because, in fact,
you hate yourself.

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