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'Emotional Circumconscient' [novel] [wip] - 6

Partie 2

"Social Anxiety"

Chapitre 11

 The six apostles are: the Dog - Yoshi - Akarin - Kirby - Lil B - Pikachu

 Vaati is the Eye. Veran is the Beast. Dreamy Bowser is the Nightmare/the Golem/the Chimaera.
 Thiana is the leader of her own girls-gang. Here we see Zelda and Inkling Girl, who work with her. The girls-gang also involves Blue Girl (-or Blue-Haired Girl) and others, and Akarin (title: 'la mama del món') is the head of it all (of it ALL). Mario, and Link, are here too.


 i am fronting the blank page. i want to start working, i need to let it out, that's it.
i got it all, i'm alone, i have enough (i have right now), yet i don't feel it yet.
but it's coming. soon enough. you realize it after a while, after it already made sense...


everything goes so fast. everything went so fast. if i could i'd cry but it's too late... i'm not an idea anymore.
-"Get through this screen. 
Learn - to revalue your life. 
Heavens don't wait, take your chance...
Save your thanks for later."-

...GNITIAW EB TSUM UOY                                                                
                                                                 YOU MUST BE WAITING... 


 Blue-Haired Girl has a near life experience during orgasm. (bird sleeps)

 -*sigh* "I have to work tomorrow..." says she laying back, catching back her breath, and dream-gazing at the Moon. (bird wakes and )shouts

In the morning, Blue-Haired Girl takes the train to go somewhere. She's really tired because she's been staying up late for some time. Looking outside the window, the train passes in front of various landscapes. A green-slimed mountain sees Yasuna Blue-Haired Girl and winks at her. She freaks out.


 Alien is working on some new-era music with PACMAN. There's a joke here, maybe more.

<3 later="" p="">

SUPER PACMAN hoops like a god. He's all about that HOOP LIFE. Waluigi came expecting a game of tennis. He feels dumbly vexed having brought his tennis racket and nobody giving a fuck about him. CD-i Zelda sarcastically laughs him off for being a scumbag and Waluigi takes it really bad, poor pup. Characters smoke cigarettes and think about a side-story. One cigarette tells how it wants to live a long and healthy life.

-"please don't turn the page."

- T H E W A R O N D R U G S -
creatures summoned back from the dark realm start the genocide on the cigarettes people

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