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'Emotional Circumconscient' [novel] [wip] - 4

Partie 1

"Kumbaya... Kumbaya..."

Chapitre 6

 I can see Princess Bubblegum. You can see Princess Bubblegum. She attached her bubblegum hair. She put on a bubblegum dress... under a plain bubblegum moon... and... she waves at...

 Pink bubbles stem closer to the sign that you can't read but reads, "BANDARI".

-In the first dream bubble, Jake, Ling Ling and King Boo get to hit heavily each on their own spliffs. They get high in a team fashion but no frustration is felt by waiting for your bud to pass the bud, as you're not sharing the bud but the satisfaction of getting high with your buds, in the comfort of your space.
-In the second dream bubble, amalgamations of evil representations turn troubled souls into nightmare creatures, for a selfish and unhealthy sake. The obscure and confounding process works in cycles, as once the malicious has poisoned your nervous envelope, you will seek the weak and dazed to pass it on to them, the plague infecting those not ready to fight with the true force of their inner nature.
-In the third and last bubble, we're presented with a concrete example of that, and see how Duckman, Cool Spot and Mordecai were victims of a corrupted system in which they never were intended to remain. Their souls are eternal, their Spirit is Universal; sadness only prevails for them to get the chance to shine through again, in Eternal Glory and Exact Truth Force. For now... may they rest in peace...

Chapitre 7

 Not too far from here, entering Airyforest.
 Jake can't recall what happened during and after that surreal scene with Metal Sonic, Raichu and when that frightening alien head made the world go splurt-boom. Had he switched mindplane-reality once more? Difficult to say, and not super heartening to say the least. It felt... flat. Like a square, not even a box. It felt 2D. He was being patient but it was beginning to be too much to handle.
 Following an image he recognized, in the form of a creature he had shared time and emotions with, he found himself surrounded by Slippy Toad and Wooldoor Sockbat, getting out a gate announcing "entrance" and arriving in the forest. A dark and thick forest presenting many shades of green. Ling Ling, ferociously jumping off a tree, attacks Wooldoor before Jake can even say "eek!" - and gets knocked-out in a single hit by the Sockbat, visibly not impressed at all, laughing off the battle monster's helplessness. Once again, Jake feels uneased by what's happening. Why did Ling Ling attack them? Why did Wooldoor so violently responded, and with such ease? Jake sitting on the floor and trying to remain calm, Wooldoor jumps in his turn on the agonizing orange pet, and noisily licks on its back, to the surprise and consternation of both Slippy and Jake.

-"he went and... licked the back of this poor creature-

 In a "FLASH!" Ling Ling and Wooldoor had disappeared.
 Slippy and Jake both turn at each other at the same time, in shared awareness.

-oh my... please make this work... or i will end my life as humiliated as i've been living it..."

Chapitre 8

 By decapitating and licking the back of Slippy's head, just has Wooldoor had done with Ling Ling, Jake absorbed the naturally produced psychoactive substances present in Slippy's sweat. The power of the hallucinogenic poison induced the most powerful trip; but still one where nobody had any control over anything.

-"...what am I waiting for...?
-...I see you don't need to take the pill."

 Slippy and Jake appeared inside the videostore. The clerk was smoking loud and showing signs of highness that had nothing to do with social status. He didn't even seemed to notice whatever was happening around him. Because what was actually happening was quite the shite: off the TV usually broadcasting product samples and trailers for films or series was coming out a huge gorilla wearing a red tie with his initials on it! Donkey Kong! But this Donkey Kong also wears a strange mask on his face, one that may recall an unobvious ill fate...
 The Kong is advancing towards our couple who rightfully fear the turn of events. The image of a man with yellow eyes pointing a gun at them pop up, and they hear a calm but menacing voice tell:




 out of the sky blue screen, the unnameable, indefinable monster - a merged chimera of every representation of the "END", "NIGHTMARE" under each and every one of its forms - the fought, the buried, the persisting repressed evil as consciousness tried to make it appear, except here, physicality had overstepped the mark - and trying to do so... had sealed its own fate, anew... for once but obviously... not for all... the fusioned monster gets crushed by a gigantic invoked Ancient Mew.

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