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'Emotional Circumconscient' [novel] [wip] - 2

Partie 1

 "Kumbaya... Kumbaya..."

Chapitre 3

 Pikachu's watching TV. Precisely, a rerun of a recorded boxing match he had himself disputed some time ago, against Giga Bowser. He lost to the beast, miserably, the fight being resumed in an immediate knock-out from a single punch. The show had become somewhat cult-praised by a handful of geeks still watching television, and Pikachu found some kind of enjoyment coming across the episode when zapping through the channels. He seemed to remain somewhat indifferent though, not being able to recall much of the atual event, not having kept or grown resentment for Giga Bowser, not feeling like complete shit at hearing the showrunner yelling "WTF! the poor guy's dead!" confusing his partially inert body to a truly inert carcass.
 Pikachu's sitting on a geometrically shaped red sofa, in his living room. Smoking a big blunt that makes his head overheat and his perception shiver. There's Wario, sleeping on a couch on the other side of the room. Many inhabitants happily serving Pikachu and being themselves each in their own little world, but still sharing one side of the experience, together. The thing is Pikachu is heavily smoking to actually alter his world, and navigate through deeper stages of present experience. This technique is called "TRIP(advisor)ZONE". It is not a literally difficult thing to mindplane-travel this way, but it has yet a deep insight process to manage getting used to, while embracing another reality. You need trust. And Pikachu arrives in Basedworld. Well now he's Gastly. There's a beach... it's the sea...

That's Mother...


-"maybe i like thinking about you  so what?  fucking..."
                (hate you as much as you'd please...)

 Time is an abstract conception... and what you remember of the lives you undergo, may leave as fragments of an image, a music, or a thought...

I DO NOT DREAM                                                                                                     STAKEHOLDER

Chapitre 4

 Yasuna was staring at the void. And Jake (the Dog) was staring at Yasuna.

-"okay now... FOLLOW ME GUYS!"

 The voice surprised them both and drew their attention to its provenance: Roger. The alien. And in a "BOOM" Jake got ejected out the box, altering all shapes and feelings and blowing his mind with a huge "3D", getting in a universe-bending tunnel where you can be Kirby or Sonic or a dildo and trip your freaking balls out and shout "let's get the hell out of this rotten place!!" but then GET BACK TO EARTH get ejected out of a toilet, altering all understanding of what the fuck just happened and accept to be just left kinda bummed by the fact that for a short time it felt cool but now you're drenched in orange piss and not in an actual neat 3D WORLD. As you'd imagined. You'd wish. Expected.
 And Yasuna wasn't there, nor Roger, meaning Jake was left alone meditating on the door to the outside and what that held for him. Opening the door, opening his eyes, he puts on a circumspect face, and glimpses BMO over a green hill. He runs (the jewels) fast shouting "BMO!!" towards his friend, obviously inebriated by the relief of meeting an acquaintance after an odd and brutal mindplane-travel incident. But as Jake gets to him and asks about his good health, BMO's answer and behavior don't feel right.


 BMO starts to physically elevate. Auras of mantras and symbolic forms and patterns appear in surrounding 2D as BMO starts evoking: 

-"alive... 1987 alive... 2017 alive... 2647 alive... 3037"

 Maybe acting as a formula, a bright flash of white light pours out of BMO's front screen in upward direction. The scene is giving Jake the creeps. A very negative and frightening feeling pushes him to transform into a tiny rock to avoid whatever scourge beholds. A clever move as materialized off BMO in a mighty and blinding thunderbolt, a wild Raichu appears. Wild but precisely mad.

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