lundi 30 avril 2012


Arbre - END OF NIGHT FOREVER ALONE SADFACE/The Twitter Quotes Album (album, Et Las Disques)

This Is Not A 7"
Join The Glee Club (Proves You're A Total Failure)
Ta Mère La Startup
Un Certain Charme Alternatif
I Love You But I've Chosen Anime
Les Couilles De Belzébuth
Cookies With Some Apple Jews
Floating Into The Bone Zone
Beaudelaire Buddha
Cloche, Flûte, Contrebasse, Farfisa
Une Cuillerée Pèse Une Tonne

written, composed by Dr.Nichon
mix and production by mysterious girl on bass
Arbre are:
Dr.Nichon (back vocals, guitar, farfisa, melody horn)
japanese dark dude (lead guitar, singing, weird noises)
mysterious girl on bass (bass, double bass)
sexy half-naked brunette (casio, yamaha, korg, back vocals, bell, ocarina)
french spoek mathambo (drums, percutions)

recorded in a dark room not so long ago

we'd like to thank:
the internet, music cds, colored vinyls, music itself, le 106, you

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