lundi 2 janvier 2012


when you're dead you will be survived by a total absence of surprise

by the wistful sighs and dejected shrugging of all the losers you were fucking

when you're dead your phone will still blow up all your friends still calling to buy drugs

1000000 unread messages asking where the afterparty is

it's yours

when you're dead you will be reunited with everyone you used to get high with

gathered together in a warm place indistinguishable from LA

when you're dead they will all be sorry

(about all those times you borrowed money)

about all of your unrealized dreams to go to school for cosmetology

it's yours

when you're dead they will toast your life at your friends' shitty DJ nights

no one will hear their speeches clearly they'll all just think it's someone's birthday

when you're dead the hardest hit will be the girls who aren't legal to drink

the months of grief they'll have to fight through so they can grow up to be just like you

it's yours

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