vendredi 22 juillet 2011

in love with a drone of weird sound patterns

do do do do do you hear that flute,
that giant flute standing right in front of that sunshine,
that hooker's green twilight harming poor self-esteem
you are now covered in hectolitres of virginity blood

hear that flute, disillusioning every single of your phantasms
reminding you of lonely evenings spent watching those orange lights
in the sun

and the sun send you the flowers
and the sun send you them powers

the noise waves coming to you faster and faster
the drum beat following your heart rhythm
citizens following the sex-flavored animal rapes
all draped in an uncomfortable giant shitty mess

the panthers, the leopards, eating your friends
and your friends, well, they're really enjoying that shit
i'm telling you, it's fucking with their mind
how can you just don't care about -
i don't know what the hell's happening
and now what the... what the... what ?
no no no no not possible that can't...
holy fuck please let me -
please just let me call my mom

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